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Graduate Programs

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With more than 100 master's, specialist, and doctoral programs, The Graduate College offers educational preparation for a broad spectrum of careers to over 4,000 graduate students. Join our community of scholars by finding the program that is right for you. When you are ready to apply, review our document information and follow the three easy steps below!

Due to COVID-19, there may be changes to the delivery mode of certain graduate courses.

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Program Type Hours Location*
Accounting (MAcy) Master's 30 SM
Accounting and Information Technology (MS) Master's 36 SM | RR | OL
Adult English as a Second/Foreign Language TXST Certificate 18 SM
Adult, Professional, and Community Education (PhD) Doctoral 63 SM
Adult, Professional, and Community Education (MA) Master's 36-39 SM | OL
[Agriculture] Integrated Agricultural Sciences (MS) Master's 36 SM
Applied Anthropology (PhD) Doctoral 54 SM
Anthropology (MA) Master's 36 SM
Aquatic Resources and Integrative Biology (PhD) Doctoral 61-91 SM
Aquatic Resources (MS) Master's 30 SM
Athletic Training (MS) Master's 55 SM
Biochemistry (MS) Master's 30 SM
Biology (MA/MS) Master's 30-46 SM
Business Administration (MBA) Master's 36-39 SM | RR
Chemistry (MA/MS) Master's 30 SM
Communication Design (MFA) Master's 60 SM | OL
Communication Disorders (MA/MSCD) Master's 36-39 RR
Communication Disorders Leveling Leveling Varies RR
Communication Studies (MA) Master's 30-36 SM
Computer Science (PhD) Doctoral 54-78 SM
Computer Science (MA/MS) Master's 30-36 SM | RR
Construction Management (MS) Master's 30 SM | OL
Corporate Communication and Training TXST Certificate 9 SM
Creative Writing (MFA) Master's 48 SM
Criminal Justice (PhD) Doctoral 51 SM
Criminal Justice (MSCJ) Master's 30-36 SM
Data Analytics and Information Systems (MS) Master's 30 SM | RR | OL
Dementia and Aging Studies (MS) Master's 33-36 OL
Developmental Education (EdD/PhD) Doctoral 66 SM
Developmental Education (MA) Master's 36 SM | OL
Educational Leadership (MA/MEd) Master's (±Certification) 36 SM | RR
Educational Leadership — Principal Professional Certification 24 SM
Educational Leadership — Superintendent Professional Certification 15 SM
Educational Technology (MEd) Master's 36 OL
Elementary Education (MA/MEd) Master's (±Certification) 30-36 SM | RR | OL
Elementary Education (Teacher Fellows) (MEd) Master's 36 SM
Elementary Education (Teacher Recruitment Program) (MEd) Master's w/ Certification 30 SM | RR
Elementary Education Bilingual/Bicultural (MA/MEd) Master's 30-36 SM
Engineering (MS) Master's 31 SM
Engineering Management (MS) Master's 30 SM
Exercise Science (MS) Master's 36 SM
Geographic Education (PhD) Doctoral 46 OL
Geographic Information Science (PhD) Doctoral 46 SM
Geographic Information Science (MAGeo) Master's 33 SM
Geography (PhD) Doctoral 46 SM
Geography (MAGeo/MS) Master's 30-33 SM
Geography — Geographic Education (MAGeo) Master's 30-33 OL
Geography Resource & Environmental Studies (MAGeo) Master's 33 SM
Graduate Student Exchange Program Exchange Varies SM | RR
Health Information Management (MHIM) Master's 36 OL
Healthcare Administration (MHA) Master's 49 SM | OL
History (MA) Master's 33-39 SM
Human Development and Family Sciences (MS) Master's 37 SM | OL
Human Resource Management (MS) Master's 30 SM
Intelligence Analysis TXST Certificate 15 SM
Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS/MSIS) Master's 39 SM | RR | OL
International Studies (MA) Master's 30-36 SM
Legal Studies (MA) Master's 36 SM
Literature (MA) Master's 30-36 SM
Long Term Care Administration (MLTCA) Master's 33 OL
Long Term Care Administration (Certificate) TXST Certificate 15 OL
Management of Technical Education (MEd) Master's 36 SM | RR | OL
Marketing Research and Analysis (MS) Master's 30 SM
Mass Communication (MA) Master's 33-36 SM
Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization (PhD) Doctoral 55 SM
Mathematics (MEd/MS) Master's 30-36 SM
Mathematics Education (PhD) Doctoral 78 SM
Music (MM) Master's 36 SM
Music Education (MM) Master's 36 SM
Music Performance TXST Certificate 15 SM
Non-Degree Non-Degree Varies SM | RR | OL
[Nursing] Family Nurse Practitioner (MSN) Master's 48 RR | OL
[Nursing] Leadership and Administration in Nursing (MSN) Master's 36 RR | OL
[Nursing] Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (MSN) Master's 40 RR | OL
[Nursing] Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Post-Master's Certificate) TXST Certificate 20 RR | OL
[Nutrition] Human Nutrition (MS) Master's 33-39 SM
[Philosophy] Applied Philosophy and Ethics (MA) Master's 30-33 SM
Physical Therapy (DPT) Professional 99 RR
Physics (MS) Master's 30-36 SM
Political Science (MA) Master's 33-36 SM
Population and Conservation Biology (MS) Master's 30-32 SM
Professional Certification Professional Certification Varies SM
Professional Counseling (MA) Master's (±Certification) 48-66 SM | RR
Professional Ethics TXST Certificate 12 SM | OL
Psychological Research (MA) Master's 38 SM
Public Administration (MPA) Master's 39 SM | RR | OL
Public Health Education and Promotion (MS) Master's 36 SM | OL
Public History Studies TXST Certificate 15 SM
Quantitative Finance and Economics (MS) Master's 30 SM
Reading Education (MEd) Master's (±Certification) 30 SM | OL
Recreation Management (MSRLS) Master's 30-36 SM
Respiratory Care (MSRC) Master's 36-48 RR | OL
Rhetoric and Composition (MA) Master's 33 SM
School Improvement (PhD) Doctoral 63 SM
School Psychology (SSP) Specialist 69 SM
Secondary Education (MA/MEd) Master's (±Certification) 30-39 SM | OL
Secondary Education (Teacher Recruitment Program) (MEd) Master's w/ Certification 36 SM | RR
[Social Work] Advanced Practice Leadership (MSW) Master's 36-62 SM | OL
Sociology (MA) Master's 36 SM
[Sociology] Applied Sociology (MS) Master's 36 SM
Spanish (MA) Master's 33-36 SM
Special Education (MEd) Master's (±Certification) 36 SM
Student Affairs in Higher Education (MEd) Master's 42 SM
Sustainability Studies (MA/MS) Master's 36-38 SM
Teacher Certification Teacher Certification Varies SM
Technical Communication (MA) Master's 30 OL
Theatre (MA/MFA) Master's 30-60 SM
Therapeutic Recreation (MSRLS) Master's 30-36 SM
Visiting Student Program Visiting Varies SM | RR | OL
Wildlife Ecology (MS) Master's 30-31 SM
SM = San Marcos   RR = Round Rock*   OL = Online*  
*Percentage of courses offered Online or through the Round Rock Campus may vary per program.
For information regarding courses offered Online, please visit the Office of Distance Learning.
For information regarding courses offered in Round Rock, please review the program's website directly.