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Graduate students at Texas State are presented a challenging learning environment that fosters integrity and global responsibility. We are thankful to the donors who have made this possible.

A Dream of Higher Education

Generous donors have helped many promising graduate students pursue their dreams of obtaining a higher education. Their gifts have provided funds for scholarships that enable graduate study; however, more is needed to attract the best and brightest students to Texas State.

a student holds up the Texas State hand sign during a commencement ceremony
a headshot of julia tucker
Higher education while raising a family can be challenging, but with financial support I was able to focus on my academics and research pursuits.
Julia Tucker
Master's, Human Dev. and Family Sciences

Graduates of our master’s and doctoral programs will become successful leaders with the skills and intellectual creativity required to solve scientific and medical problems and advance social and economic progress.

Promoting Excellence

You can take an active role in promoting excellence in graduate education by giving to the Graduate College Scholarship Fund where your contribution will make a difference. Your generosity will provide opportunities for graduate students to pursue the discovery of new knowledge and thus contribute to societal needs of the present and future. Become part of something great by supporting graduate education!

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