Round Rock Campus

Texas State University offers educational programs and workforce development opportunities at the Round Rock Campus (RRC) in the Williamson County and Austin area. Admissions standards, degree completion requirements, criteria for student financial aid, and definitions of full-time student status are identical on the two campuses. Because Texas State University is one university with a single faculty, a single student body and a single inventory of degree programs, the classes offered at the Round Rock Campus are of the same rigor and quality as the classes offered in San Marcos.

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Review Your Options

Applicants wishing to attend courses at the Round Rock Campus can review the offerings on our Graduate Programs page. Applicants can use the filter to sort by level (doctoral, master's, or certificate) and location (RR or online).


Because the Round Rock Campus is part of Texas State University, the application process is the same no matter where students eventually take their courses. Applicants will select their program of study, review the admission requirements, and submit their admission materials the same way a San Marcos-bound applicant would. Other important policy information also applies to RRC applicants.

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Acceptance & Beyond

Once applicants have been admitted into their program of study, they can attend the university-wide New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO) and enroll in NGSO: Canvas, a self-paced guiding resource designed to help you succeed right from the start. Services and resources located directly on the RRC campus are listed below.

Resources & Services

For a complete list of student resources and services, visit the Round Rock Student Services webpage.