Deans & Staff


Headshot of Dr. Andrea Golato

Dr. Andrea Golato


Headshot of Dr. Patti Giuffre

Dr. Patti Giuffre

Associate Dean

Headshot of Dr. Clay Green

Dr. Clay Green

Associate Dean

Headshot of Dr. Donna Vandiver

Dr. Donna Vandiver

Associate Dean

Administrative Support

Janet Weitz

Senior Administrative Assistant
(graduate dean and graduate faculty support)

Graduate Admissions Specialists

(admissions review; decision processing)

Sylvia Sanders

(College of Fine Arts and Communication; College of Health Professions)

Cynthia Siqueiros

(College of Education; College of Science and Engineering)

Patricia Ferrer

(College of Applied Arts; McCoy College of Business Administration; Non-Degree Seeking applicants)

Mark Moore

(International applications for all colleges)

Randy Williams

(College of Liberal Arts; Accounting)

For all admissions inquiries, please email

Graduate Degree Audit Specialists

(candidates; curriculum and degree audits; letters of completion, good standing, and anticipated graduation)

Destiny Darling

(Colleges of Fine Arts and Communication, Liberal Arts)

Courtney Stevens

(Colleges of Applied Arts, Education)

Railey Tassin

(McCoy College of Business Administration; Colleges of Health Professions, Science and Engineering)

For all degree audit inquiries, please email

Graduate Funding Specialists

Dr. Andrea Hilkovitz

External Funding Coordinator
(external funding including scholarships, fellowships and grants)

Dr. Brian Smith

External Funding Coordinator
(external funding including scholarships, fellowships and grants)

Caithlin Noonan

External Funding Coordinator  
(external funding including scholarships, fellowships, and grant applications for undergraduates pursuing graduate study)

Lynnette Lombardo

Graduate Funding Specialist  
(internal funding including student travel, scholarships and fellowships, graduate assistantships)


Janet Moseley

(probation/suspension, security access requests, advisor training, special appeals and problems, special projects)

Publications Writer

Kate Malazonia

(GradBulletin; social media; webmaster; external communications; publicity materials including graduate program brochures)

Recruiting Coordinator

Austin Allen

(coordinate recruiting events and New Graduate Student Orientation)

Student Development Specialist II

Ashley Carrington

(plan and schedule retention workshops and events)

Systems Support Analyst

Mark Burrow

(analysis, evaluation, and response to requests for data; assistance with development of reports and new technological systems; hardware/software)