How to Request Graduate Student Travel Funds

Step 1

Get accepted!

In order to request travel funds, you must be accepted to participate in a conference. We do not provide funds for classes, workshops, or conferences as an attendee only. You also must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • you must be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program
  • you must have an accepted paper, poster, professional presentation, performance, or exhibit in a virtual conference
  • you must be in good academic standing during the semester in which the conference is held

We encourage you to begin the process of requesting funds soon after you have been notified of your acceptance; however, we are unable to issue funds if you have not yet received this communication.

Step 2

Review your conference acceptance document.

You will use this document to fill out the Graduate Student Travel Fund Request form. To identify the correct document, look for verbiage confirming the acceptance of your work; for example: 

"Dear (your name), your work (work's title) has been accepted to the (name of conference)."

Forms that are submitted without the conference acceptance document will be returned to the department/program and will not be processed. 

Acceptance documents must include the following information:

  • the organizer's complete information. The organizer must be a conference or a Texas State University faculty member.
  • your name in salutation or in a list of co-authors of the accepted work
  • the full title of your accepted work, which must match the title indicated on the Travel Fund Request Form 
  • the full name of the conference

Acceptance documents can be:

  • the entire chain of forwarded email messages/copies of email messages sent to you from the conference organizer (sender information must be included)
  • copies of hard copy letters sent to you from the conference organizer
  • copies of email messages from Texas State University faculty members, verifying your acceptance and confirming your co-authorship on the accepted work ONLY IF the conference did not send you a notification directly that includes your name.
  • conference programs (cover page and page listing your name and title of your work only)

Step 3

Fill out the Graduate Student Travel Fund Request form.

Make sure you have your conference acceptance document on hand when you fill out this form. If you do not fill out the Travel Fund Request form correctly, your documents will be returned, delaying the processing of your request. 

Conference Information
Include the following:

  • your name
  • your Texas State Student ID (A0...)
  • your Texas State academic department
  • your travel dates
  • the name of the conference at which you have been accepted to present
  • location of the conference
  • conference dates
  • the type of presentation (paper, poster, professional, performance, exhibit)
  • the title of your presentation (confirm that this title matches the title on your acceptance document)

Estimated Virtual Conference Participation Expenses
Complete the Estimated Travel Expenses chart as applicable. Enter "$0" if a certain item does not apply to your trip. 

  • conference fees
  • estimated total

Check all three boxes, enter your email address, and sign. If this section is not complete, the form will be returned to you.

Step 4

Submit both the conference acceptance document and the Graduate Student Travel Fund Request Form to your department.

You must submit the travel fund request form with the conference acceptance documents to your department or program no later than 3 weeks prior to the conference date in order to ensure timely funding. Funding is not distributed retroactively, so we encourage you to submit your paperwork as soon as you are notified of your acceptance.

Your department or program must obtain approval signatures on the travel request form provided. Once approval signatures have been obtained, the form will be routed to The Graduate College via your academic college. The requests are processed in the order received and will be made after considering department/school and college contributions.

You will be notified via email when Graduate Student Travel Fund Request form and required documentation have been processed. 

Have questions?

Contact your department or program's front office to help you calculate your mileage and meals or to track your forms. Bon voyage! 

Graduate Student Travel Fund Request Form