Certificate of Completion in Graduate & Career Professional Development

You can now be recognized for your participation in our Shop Talks series with The Graduate College Shop Talk Certificate of Completion in Graduate and Career Professional Development. The certificate of completion can be displayed in your professional portfolio on items such as your resume, CV, cover letter, ePortfolio, and anywhere else you list your professional development. In addition to the certificate, you will also receive an official Texas State padfolio. If you have questions regarding the submission or requirements, please email us at shoptalks@txstate.edu.


  • go to a minimum of eight Shop Talks
  • attend during summer, fall, and/or spring semesters
  • record your attendance with the Shop Talk Attendance Log 
    • (if you are attending online, write "online" on the signature line and be sure to check in with the moderator when you log into Zoom)


  • write a 500–1000 word reflection explaining how the Shop Talks you attended supported your degree success, research development, and career professional development 


  • complete the online submission form
  • include the attendance log and your written reflection
  • submit your items no later than May 1

Certificate Testimonials

Shashikanth Raju Singabhattu holding his Shop Talks Certficiate of Completion

"Shop Talks can provide students with an opportunity to network with experts in their field, exchange ideas, and potentially find mentors or collaborators for future research projects. The knowledge and skills gained from these sessions can also be applied to their research work, improving the quality of the work and potentially leading to more impactful research outcomes

Attending Shop Talks can support career professional development… attending Shop Talks has been a significant asset for a graduate student like me who is seeking to enhance his degree success, research development, and career professional development. By gaining knowledge, developing professional networks, and engaging with experts in their field, I acquired practical skills and insights that can help me succeed academically and professionally. Therefore, I highly recommend students to attend the Shop Talks and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in their field of study. Finally, I am very thankful to the Shop talks team at Texas State University for all the wonderful sessions and learnings."

- Shashikanth Raju Singabhattu

Chandrika Reddy Kamjula holding her Shop Talks Certificate of Completion

"I have had the chance to attend a variety of Shop Talks throughout my academic and professional career, and they have significantly contributed to my success in completing my degree, the growth of my research, and the advancement of my professional career. I've learned a ton from these seminars, from the fundamentals of networking to how to handle anxiety and stress in graduate school.

I learned valuable tips from the Shop Talks about how to establish and nurture business ties. I gained knowledge from the workshops about the value of having a specific networking goal and how to approach people with a networking mindset. In order to maintain relationships, the presenter also underlined the importance of following up with contacts and keeping in touch on a regular basis. These Shop Talks have been crucial in helping me advance my research since it has made it possible for me to form partnerships with other scholars working in my field, which has resulted in the creation of fruitful research initiatives."

- Chandrika Reddy Kamjula

While we highly recommend Shop Talks for students in their first year, the series is designed to provide essential information to students throughout their graduate studies. With the majority of the workshops live-streamed, Shop Talks are also accessible to online students, part-time students, and students on either the San Marcos or Round Rock campuses. Visit the Shop Talks page for the full schedule — and sign up today!

If you require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact 512-245-3451 or ods@txstate.edu at least 72 hours in advance of the event.

Texas State is a tobacco-free campus.