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Graduate House Under New Leadership for 2022-2023 Academic Year

Thibault Gehin

By Abbye Shattuck

The Graduate House is a branch of student government comprised of 14 representatives; two representatives from each college in the university. Graduate House members are carefully selected by the department chairs and appointed by the deans of their respective programs. This year’s Graduate House Leader is Thibault Gehin. Gehin is an international graduate student studying at McCoy College of Business and is very passionate about providing graduate students, especially international graduate students, with a place to bring their problems or concerns.

“Since I’ve come back for my MBA, I’ve seen different things and [thought] ‘I don’t like this.’ or ‘I could change this.’ or ‘What could we do [differently] here?’, but I didn’t know who to reach [out] to,” Gehin said regarding why he is so passionate about his position as leader of the Graduate House.

Gehin spoke of his excitement when Dr. Diego Vacaflores, the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs in the McCoy College of Business, approached him about joining the Graduate House. “I [said] ‘heck yeah!’ because I like to help and I like to make things better and easier,” Gehin said.

Gehin emphasized that it is important for graduate students to present their problems to members of the Graduate House in order for their representatives to best serve them and help them reach their highest potential.

“Our job is really listening to what the students have concerns about, trying to find a solution, and trying to help them towards their goals,” he said.

Gehin is excited to serve as the leader of the Graduate House and thrilled to be working alongside the other members. He hopes to meet the needs of the students he serves and fill the shoes of the Graduate House members that came before him.

“I know I have the help of the rest of the team, and those are bright people,” he said.

All graduate students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in Graduate House meetings and serve on committees. To view this year’s meeting schedule, contact the Graduate House about being added to the agenda, or view the list of potential committees graduate students can serve on, please visit the student government webpage.